Culture & tourism

Discovering ancient music, exploring post-war architecture and searching for our personal roots:
Our CBC projects are helping make all these pursuits possible!

Animation Now (2014-2020) (EN)

Creative Media Work With Children and Young People

Bilaterale Designnetzwerke (2014-2020)

On the trail of Josef Hoffmann – design innovations from the modern age around 1900 up to the contemporary digital age

Design und Innovation (2014-2020) (EN)

Cross-border cooperation of design institutions in the transition to the digital age

Amus (2007-2013)

Accentus musicalis – Who knows today how music from the 15th-18th centuries sounded?

This project is about old music. 

Arch4579 (2007-2013)

Developing an assessment methodology for architecture from 1945-1979

What architecture is worth preserving and what is not?

CrArc (2007-2013)

Memory without borders – Historic documents

Reconstructing the private family tree

Igen (2007-2013)

Developing an organisation model for the cross-border Irottkő-Geschriebenstein nature park –

Raising public awareness about the value of a nature reserve

PCR-PSSH (2007-2013)

Tourism concept for the promotion of joint cultural heritage –

How tourism products, such as travelling exhibitions or travel brochures, can help us appreciate our common history

Spuren (2007-2013)

Culture and museum route through the architectural heritage of the early 20th century in Southern Moravia and Northeastern Austria

Experiencing the architectural heritage of the early 20th century in the regions of Moravia, Lower Austria and Vienna


Handicraft art around ceramics – preserving the tradition of pottery for coming generations