Environmental education actions for overweight children: Healthy food and outdoor sports help in fighting surplus kilos

Project description

Many children and teenagers are already fighting against surplus kilos, which are caused by an unhealthy diet and insufficient sports. Moreover, children usually do not know exactly where their food comes from, and they are not able to prepare healthy meals out of organic products that are rich in vitamins. Children are continuously growing farther away from nature, and this process needs to be stopped. Adults have to show the children what nature has to offer – they need to make children aware how pleasant it is to spend time outdoors, doing different kinds of sports. This is the best way to bring fun back into sports and physical activities, and to raise the awareness of nature. Children and teenagers participated in special workshops that taught the sparing use of natural resources in organic farming and how good housekeeping involves the purchase of regional and seasonal products. Recycling and composting were also subjects of discussion. The project targeted overweight children, who had the opportunity to fight surplus kilos in so-called feel-good camps. It was more interesting for the youngsters to prepare a healthy meal themselves when they were using solar-cookers. Highlights of the project included the sport Olympiad and the chance to go camping in tents.

The eco-house in Rozmarynek was the centre of the Austrian-Czech activities and a place where project partners met regularly. Natural wooden materials were used in the building, and a photovoltaic system guaranteed the energy supply.

Key facts

Project duration
Funding programme
ETC Austria-Czech Republic 2007-2013
Project partners

Umweltbildung Wien (AT)

Lipka - school facility for environmental education (Brno, CZ)

Budget of the Viennese project partners  € 634.400 thereof ERDF: € 539.200